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Paramore made a cover of Drake’s Passionfruit and we are SHOOKT

By Sam Malaca



Paramore sure went a whole different path with their latest record After Laughter that was released last May. With the band jumping over to retro pop, losing members and taking back old ones (*cough* Zac Farro *cough*), the band still lived up to its name of releasing hits and staying in the spotlight with boppy, irresistible new songs like Hard Times and Told You So.



They dropped bombs a few days ago when they guested on the BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge, famous for the radio station’s unique song selections for the artists to cover. Paramore performed a few of their new songs in the Live Lounge, along with… wait for it ...a cover of Drake’s Passionfruit! Though you’ve probably already figured that out from our title, yeah?




With a studio full of purple neon lights, it set a perfect mood for the song, giving you an almost drug-induced high vibe that you always get from listening to Drake. And then a silver haired Hayley starts singing and somehow, it became a completely different song with the same feel.



Paramore owned Passionfruit in that cover, don’t you think so?









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