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Program Guide

Daily Sched for Magic 89.9 (As of August 01, 2014)

Monday to Thursday
  • 6-9am: Sam Oh and Gibb - First Thing in The Morning
  • 9am-12nn: Boom & Carla D. - On Demand
  • 12nn-3pm: CJ and Suzy - The Big Meal
  • 3-6pm: Andi and Riki Flo - Pop Stop
  • 6-10pm : Tony, Slick and Sam YG - Boys Night Out
  • 10pm-2am (Monday): Replay of American Top 40 w/ Ryan Seacrest
  • 10pm-2am (Tuesday to Wednesday): Josh Strike - Strike Zone
  • 10pm-12mn (Thursday): Josh Strike - Strike Zone
  • 2am-6am: Patrick - Daybreak
  • 12-3am: Patrick - Day Break
  • 3-6am: Long Play
  • 6-9am: Boom - Friday Madness
  • 9am-12nn: Carlo Jose - Friday Madness
  • 12-3pm: Tina Ryan - Friday Madness
  • 3-6pm: Big Dee - Friday Madness
  • 6-9pm: CJ - Friday Madness
  • 9pm-12mn: 12” Mix with Jon Tupas
  • 6-10am Pat - Day Break
  • 10am-12nn The JJ Show
  • 12nn-3pm Suzy - Saturday Slam
  • 3-6pm Jessica/Rikki - Saturday Slam
  • 6-9pm Josh Strike - Saturday Slam
  • 9-12mn - Saturday Slam
  • 12-7am Spin (Regular Music)
  • 7-10am The Playground with Big D
  • 10am-12nn The Playground
  • 12nn-2pm Positive Note 
  • 2pm-6pm AT40 with Ryan Seacrest
  • 6pm-12mn Nothing Noisy (New Program)

  • dj dj
     Sam Oh brings her brand of Korean-Pinoy zest on air through her infectious laughter and perky persona. One third of the show “Good Times” that makes getting up at the crack of dawn bearable. Sam sends good vibes your way daily, Monday to Thursday 6am to 9am.


  • dj dj
     A DJ of Goodtimes with Mo, Sam Oh and Mikey. 6am-10am
  • dj dj
    A sportscaster, news anchor, DJ, and pool boy – the only Jack of all trades who has mastered them all as well. The poster boy for gym buffs everywhere, his pandesals are the stuff legends are made of. His music knowledge can rival that of any genius! An incredibly charming man with a heart of gold, Boom is quite possibly the only male DJ you can bring home to mom. Unless she’s hotter than you. Then you’ll have a problem.
  • dj dj
    Radio’s most lovable teddy bear! He plays games on air, but he’ll never play games with your heart – yes ladies, this one’s a keeper.
    A dead-ringer for Russel of Up, he’ll explore your wilderness like it’s never been explored before.
    Spontaneous, borderline insane, ridiculously witty, and huggable as all hell, CJ ‘d DJ is Magic 89.9’s secret weapon of mass destruction.
  • dj dj
    Suzy is the embodiment of naughty and nice - one of the kindest, sweetest girls you’ll ever meet, with one of the dirtiest & quickest female minds on Philippine radio.
    A lethal combination guaranteed to keep you awake during your lunch break.
    Armed with a hug, her sexy buzzer, and a mega-watt smile, she can brighten the day of even the Scroogiest-Scrooge!
    Lunchtime has never been this
    naughty – or yummy.
  • dj dj
    They say they call her Andi 9 because nobody’s perfect, but she’s as close to perfect as they come!
    Sweet, bubbly, beautiful and absolutely delightful, she’s not just a joy to look at, she’s fun to listen to as well.
    Whether you’re 9, or 90, you can’t help but fall in love with this girl who shouldn’t just be a 9, but a perfect 10 on everyone’s book.
  • dj dj
    They call him the G.O.A.T - the Greatest of All Time. Bossing Papi. Manyak #1 of 2009. DJ T-Bone.
    He goes by many names - is he hiding from the law? It's easy to pigeon-hole him as a typical manyak, there is so much more to him than just that. But yes, he is that too.
    Spiritual & deep, there's more to Tony Toni than meets the eye - or should we say, the ear?
    Yes, this is the Magic challenging you:
    dare to strip down Bossing Papi's many layers
    to see just how amazing he really is.
  • dj dj
    The Boy Next Door - people consider him the most matinik from the Magic's roster of incredibly matinik male jocks. Relentlessly linked to half of Manila's female celebrity population, Slicky doesn't let that get to him - we're proud to say his feet are still firmly planted on the ground (floor of the mall nearest you).

    His hands, however, are a different story.
    Text ng text, touch ng touch. Who he texts,
    who he touches - that's his story to tell.
  • dj dj
    The original Indian sensation - Jay Sean ain't got nothing on this guy! He will take you on a "Magic" carpet ride that's guaranteed to be both fun & educational. He won't just teach you about the human anatomy - believe it or not, Sam YG was a consistent dean's lister in college.
    Private lessons anyone? Take a number. This guy is as charismatic as they come - try as you may, you can't help but be drawn to him.
    A man of many talents (and several
    secret identities), he's a rollercoaster
    ride and a half.
  • dj dj
    He has balls of steel. No seriously - we promise, he has balls. Perhaps his greatest talent is his ability to laugh at himself. The possibilities are endless for those who don't mind taking things one step at a time: from courtside reporter to UAAP anchor, from Junior Jock to full-fledged Magic DJ, and finally, from woman to man.
    That's Josh Strike for you - resilient, hardworking, tenacious, passionate and unbelievably talented.
    In a nutshell, he is a dorky dumbass. And the beauty
    of it is that he's actually proud to be one.
     By the way - this guy only drives stick.
  • dj dj
    Probably the only wiseguy on radio who actually IS wise. Pat is, well, a completely weirdo, for one, but more than that, he THE MOST TALKATIVE PERSON IN THE WORLD. Thank God there's a B-side to every story: yes, he may talk a lot, but everything he says - from the mundane to the profound - actually makes sense. When you listen to him, you can't help but think "Hey, I want what he's having." Deep, intelligent, kind-hearted, quirky,
    random, positive, real - he's all that, and
    so much more. If you wanna ride the good
    vibe - we mean LISTEN TO - Pat.
  • dj dj
    The incredible and distinct sound of Quest Broadcasting Inc. is from the mind and mic of Carlo Jose – its Production and Imaging Manager and the official voice of Magic 89.9 and eight Killer Bee stations all over the Philippines.
    He is the best of Magic in commercial production and in sound design, and is one of Philippines’ best vocal artists and radio producers. His creativity, voice and production style are the signature sound and brand
    of what could be the best FM station
    in the country today.

  • dj dj
    Riki Flo is the most adorable DJ on radio. Tinker bell'ish with her lovely face and fun size frame. Her voice is her magic dust and her bubbly energy is her fluttering wings. Riki will definitely charm listeners and leave them smiling from ear to ear. Magic is definitely proud  to be home for Basketball TV's poster girl. 

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Riki Flo

DJ Riki Flo

Riki Flo is the most adorable DJ on radio. Tinker bell'ish with her lovely face and fun size frame. Her voice is her magic dust and her bubbly energy is her fluttering wings. Riki will definitely charm listeners and leave them smiling from ear to ear. Magic is definitely proud  to be home for Basketball TV's poster girl.